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PEMF School – Penetration, Penetration, Penetration!

Penetration, Penetration, Penetration! You need to understand because It’s PEMF’s biggest enemy. In the commercial world one talks about Location, Location, Location, well in the world of PEMF it is Penetration, Penetration, Penetration. The good news is that low-frequency PEMF signals like that of the Curatron which operates below 50 Hz (CPS or Cycles Per Second) pass unimpeded …

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The Author

Thanks for dropping by, I am Chris Cane and this is my blog regarding all things PEMF It’s taken a while but now after nearly twenty years of selling and supporting the Curatron systems made by Curatronic in Israel, I have developed a deep knowledge of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and systems. I welcome phone …

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