PEMF Technology

Confusing, confusing, confusing. Permanent Magnets do not generate Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields and the sites that say this out there are just wrong, either because the site creator does not have clue about technology or more probably is trying to mislead his audience. There has been a growing trend of late among some sompanies to use …

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Reflecting On Many Years of Selling Curatron Systems

Can you believe that we’ve been selling the Curatron for nine years with only one customer return? An amazing record.

One very surprising statistic is that we have had had only one customer return in all the years we’ve been selling the Curatron. That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the product and the gains our clients receive from using the device.

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Listing of peer reviewed medical articles

Listing of Peer Reviewed Articles Alzheimer’s Disease After applying external electromagnetic fields ranging 5 to 8 Hz, significant improvements were detected in Alzheimer’s patients. These included improved visual memory, drawing ability, performance, spatial orientation, mood, short-term memory and social interactions. R. Sandyk, “Alzheimer’s Disease: Improvement of Visual Memory and Visuoconstructive Performance Treatment with Picotesla Range …

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