Curatron Improves Bone Density

Case Study: Curatron improves bone density!

Daily treatment with the Curatron device makes bones stronger and decreases fracture risk!

In January 2008, J.N., a trim, active older female, came into the Viera Diagnostic Center and was diagnosed with a modern Lunar bone densitometer.  According to the classification of the World Health Organization, a T-score lower than -2.5 shows that a person suffers from osteoporosis. 

The measured Bone Mass Density of J.N in her Spine was 0.785 g/ corresponding with a T-score of -3.3, affirming that she was suffering from severe osteoporosis.

In the middle of 2008 she purchased a Curatron 2000XP device with a full body mattress and used the device on a daily basis.
In December 2009 [18 months after starting treatment with the Curatron] she was diagnosed again at the same center; however this time she showed a huge improvement in the measured values with a Bone Mass Density of 0.854 g/ corresponding with a T-score of -2.7, reflecting an improvement of 8.8% vs. her previous measured values! And all this within only 18 months!

Here is a scan of the report of Viera Diagnostic Center:




Here follows the testimonial & full documentation proof of more than 10% increase in bone density after only one year Curatron PEMF use!



I purchased the Curatron 2000 XP after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. The last thing I wanted to do was drug therapy. I gave myself one year using the Curatron mattress and high energy coil before returning to my specialist for a follow-up bone scan.

The results were quite amazing a 10.4% increase in bone density in the area between L1 to L4. I have forwarded my old and new scans on to Ben at Curatronic and given him permission to share these results with anyone who would like to view them. My wife loves it for all sorts of ailments and my 15 year son is on it often for sporting injuries. It is the absolute best thing I have ever done for my overall health.

GC –Australia.

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