As you read on, remember “The Other Guys” are the DCM3500 and the Teslafit+ (TeslaFit Plus). Both provide fewer features, fewer programs and lower intensity than the¬†FLASH and no timer display. The FLASH can be PC/MAC Computer Controlled and “The Other Guys” can’t.


In March of 2017, we started shipping our new Impulse (Ringer) PEMF System. We also created a new website, especially for the new FLASH system. The FLASH is a new Fully ELECTRONIC PEMF System that has 10 built-in programs, available software to control the FLASH from your PC or MAC. The FLASH can deliver magnetic flux density levels up to 7000 Gauss (Roughly 30% higher than the TeslaFit+ and double that of the DCM3500. Being the latecomer, we had the opportunity to create a truly unique Impulse (Ringer) type PEMF unit and we piled on features that the other guys could not or did not. We are already outselling the two more established systems in some markets.

The FLASH Advantages

  • Ten Built Programs (The other guys have three)
  • Available MAC/PC Software (The other guys don’t offer this)
  • Energy Levels up to 7000 Gauss, that’s 700,000 microTesla. (The other guys wimp out at 5400 Gauss)
  • Program Display. (The other guys don’t even tell you which program is running)
  • Countdown Clock (The other guys leave you in the dark)


The new FLASH is more cost effective, very easy to use and offers many more features.


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