Yesterday I was chatting with a chiropractor who purchased a Curatron FLASH PEMF System from us a couple of months ago. In the past, he had used a PEMF100 which had frightened himself and some clients. It was the article I wrote about power at our FLASH website that convinced him to give the new FLASH system.  That article can be found at

FLASH Coil in Butterfly Configuration

He had used it on himself a few times and last week, a patient arrived with a sprained knee. After a single treatment using the standard coil in the butterfly configuration, the pain was abated and a very happy patient left the building. That patient had a friend with a more serious knee injury and she told her friend about her success with her chiropractor and as you might guess, the friend scheduled her appointment. Her success was not quite as fast but the pain was reduced significantly and she could walk with only a slight limp. Encouraged by her treatment, she scheduled two more visits and her pain now is effectively behind her.

The FLASH is an Impulse or Ringer type system and quite different from our standard Curatron. The best way to think about them is that the FLASH dives right in and treats the symptoms while the Curatron 2000 Family treats the underlying issue. Here’s some reading for you on Impulse or Ringer Technology

The FLASH does a great job of relieving pain allowing the patient to feel much better while allowing the body to do its own thing and heal the challenge. We do have some competitors who were the first with their fully electronic systems. Curatronic had the advantage as they learned from the other’s mistakes or omissions. The DCM3500 and the TeslaFit Plus lack several things.

The FLASH provides

  • Ten built in programs while the others only have three.
  • Illuminated clock display letting the user know the treatment time remaining
  • Available PC/MAC software for remote control and record keeping
  • Available BOOSTER to allow intensities up to 7000 Gauss while the other guys max out at 5400
  • Oh yes. in most configurations the FLASH is less expensive.

Go visit the FLASH website to learn more:


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