We did a News Release at PR.com News yesterday and we have received several phone calls and emails, all adding to the success of the FLASH Impulse PEMF System.

The News Release follows:

Amjo Corp Celebrates Its First Year of the Curatron FLASH PEMF System

The Curatron FLASH PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) system was introduced in January 2017 and instantly became Amjo Corp’s best selling Impulse System. The FLASH rounds out the Curatron Family of PEMF products. Amjo Corp has great plans for 2018 and the continuing growth of PEMF sales.

Amjo Corp Celebrates Its First Year of the Curatron FLASH PEMF System Cincinnati, OH, January 23, 2018 –(PR.com)– The Curatron FLASH Impulse PEMF system enters its second year. Introduced in January of 2017, it fast became a top seller for Curatronic and Amjo Corp. Amjo Corp, one of Curatronic’s most trusted distributors, created a new website in support of the FLASH system. The new site is www.flashpemft.com.

The FLASH system is unique in the world of Impulse or Ringer systems. It is the highest power fully electronic impulse system. Designed without the unreliable spark gap that is still found in most other impulse systems. The Curatron FLASH is without a doubt the most reliable impulse system in the world.

It is also the only programmable system. There is an optional software suite that can be used with PC or MAC computers to take over control of the FLASH control unit. This software also stores patient data and patient visit information to help with therapy and billing.

The available software allows you to create your own protocols and programs and you can store them in the PC/MAC software for use with your patients at any time.

No other system has optional PC/MAC software. Other electronic systems typically have two or three built-in programs while the FLASH comes “out of the box” with ten.

The FLASH also offers intensities up to 7000 Gauss while other electronic systems top out at 5400 Gauss.

The FLASH and other electronic systems do shut-down after a pre-set time but only the FLASH has a count-down timer that displays the time remaining.

The introduction of the FLASH system rounds out the PEMF systems available from Amjo Corp. The mainstay Curatron 2000 family remains as Amjo’s best selling system but the FLASH is slowly catching up. Amjo Corp is planning for a great year for the FLASH in 2018.

Based near Cincinnati, Amjo Corp is a US-based distributor of the Curatron Family of PEMF Systems. For more than seventeen years Amjo continues to be Curatronic’s most trusted partner. Amjo Corp can state unequivocally that there is no other distributor with the depth of knowledge and experience that can match Amjo.

You can read the News Release online at https://www.pr.com/press-release/742283

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