We are often asked about the Curatron and its ability to help with fracture healing. PEMF has been used for fracture healing for many years.

Fractures can be treated and healed with PEMF

Once a fracture is formed, blood supply to the area will carry nutrients and new bone tissue will be formed with time. Sometimes, however, the bone does not heal properly, leading to a non-union fracture. When blood supply to the affected area is inadequate, new tissue will not form and the bone will not be able to heal. Most fractures are caused by a trauma to the bone like a fall or a traffic accident. Another cause can be fragile bones due to osteoporosis, or stress fractures in athletes due to overuse.

When a fracture does not show signs of healing for at least three months, it is assumed to be a non-union. These fractures usually continue to cause pain for a long time.

Applying Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to a fracture, especially a non-union, stimulates the production of nutrients necessary for the healing process like calcium, and improves blood supply to the area, as well as reducing pain. The Curatron PEMF system can also be used with a cast, in order to encourage the body’s natural ability to heal the bone. It offers a natural and non-invasive option of treating a fractured bone and reducing pain.

Fractured Leg

After Surgery

After Curatron Treatment

Once the bone has been repositioned, he started using the Curatron PEMF system daily and after just a few weeks his leg function has improved tremendously and the pain was decreased dramatically.

With the continued use of the Curatron PEMF he was able to walk again properly after a very short time, and X-rays which were taken a couple of months after the surgery clearly show the healed bone. He is now back to fully functioning and feels great.

SOURCE: Patrick Waters RN BSN MS – Dexter, MI, USA

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