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Every now and again, a customer asks a question that I can’t answer. That’s rare but it can happen. Sometimes I just say I don’t know and I leave it at that and at other times I just ask Ben. Ben being Ben Philipson, the creator of the Curatron and my mentor.

The Curatron 2000 3D is our flagship product. To learn about the 3D, please visit https://curatron.com/curatron-family-of-products/curatron-2000-3d/

Recently, I was under the gun being asked about the usage of the 3D and its mattress. We do say that the 3D Mattress is unique and provides a uniform magnetic field over its working surface. One challenge came in when he asked:

QUESTION: “I just wanted to be sure that the coil elements of the 3D mat began at the far edges mat, and not a few inches from the edge?”

Ben’s reply was

ANSWER:The pulsing field extends beyond the edges of the mat but according to the laws of physics, the vector is crucial to be able to calculate the magnetic flux intensity.

The more perpendicular to the coils the decrease is obviously much higher than if the angle of the magnetic field towards the coils is 90 degrees because there the decrease of the field is the inverse of the square root of the distance from the coil, please read THIS. Exactly this is the reason why the construction of the mat of the 3D system is different to be able to approach the 3D effect as much as technically possible. This construction requires much more energy to obtain this effect than e.g. with the mat construction of the other Curatron models.

Yes, I know this is as clear as mud to many of us. The challenge we all face is making the correct choice when it comes to PEMF systems. The one thing I do know, after working in this field for nearly twenty years, is that there is a lot more to learn. I do find that many of the sites I visit and PEMF systems that I see are not well understood by the creators of those site but more like marketing/sales hype created by people who really don’t understand PEMF and to me are quite dangerous.

Please feel free to ask us your questions and if we don’t know the answer here in Cincinnati then we’ll ask Ben.

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