Letter from Dr. James Corzine DC

Dr. James Corzine wrote a letter to Ben Philipson, the developer of the Curatron and perhaps, my PEMF mentor. The letter is dated March 7,2006. There is a link to the original letter below but the text from this letter follows.

Dear Mr. Philipson

I have used your CURATRON Clinical model for over a year now and the results for my patients has been nothing short of amazing. Patients with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.. have had tremendous reductions in pain with increases in their ROM. Also, fatigue from various chronic conditions have also responded with very satisfactory results. However, the most amazing results have been with osteoporotic patients. Ln most cases, bone mass is significantly increased in 3-6 months. This being truly phenomenal because treatments for osteoporosis, it usually takes in excess of 12 months to see any change in bone mass. I can say with confidence that the Curatron technology has helped my patients and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering.

James Corzine D.C.

James Corzine Letter

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