Back in January, we sold s Curaton 2000HT to a woman with Neurosarcoiditis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She had been diagnosed by her doctor in India. << Click Here to see the earlier article >>.

I had tried to call her a couple of times as she lives on the east coast and found that she was traveling.

On Thursday (Apr 16) I received the email below.

Dear Sir / Madam

This is just to introduce my self , I have recently launced BIOS 9000 Japanese Technology of Electric Field Therapy in India and whenever I have visitors from USA and wish to buy similar technology in US I suggest them your company, recently my relative”name withheld” living in Boston Mass. She bought one machine (Curatron 2000 HT) from you after testing this in India and was suffering from Sarcoidosis and now she is here again in India with a report of complete cure, I am just writing this to thank you for taking good care of her and continue promoting your name to the Indian Residents or anyone living in the US and wish to buy Electric Field Therapy equipment.

Best Regards

Sanjay Mukim

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