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PEMF School – Effective PEMF Requires High Intensity

Gauss and Tesla - PEMF Intensity

Intensity generated by PEMF devices is perhaps the most crucial requirement to obtain adequate results.  The strength of a magnetic field is generally defined in T (Tesla) or G (Gauss) Gauss [symbol G] named after Carl Friedrich Gauss Tesla [symbol T] named after the scientist Nikola Tesla 1 T = 10.000 G   CONFUSING TERMS: …

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PEMF School Curatron Site PEMF Blog PEMFSCHOOL Blog and PEMF School Welcome to our Blog and Website built and maintained by Chris Cane of Amjo Corp in support of Amjo Corp’s sales of The Curatron 2000 and Curatron FLASH systems. Our typical customer is an individual or a clinician seeking help with pain relief and well-being for himself …

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