PEMF Dual Applicator Use.

Most PEMF systems only allow the use of a single applicator, whether it be a pad, mattress or a probe. One of the advantages of the Curaron 2000 XP, XPSE and PC models is that we can run two applicators AT FULL INTENSITY simultaneously.

Yes! Two is better than one!

PEMF-SCHOOL-Dual-Applicators(800x800)For the XPSE, the Curatron 2000 PC, the simple answer is YES. There is a caveat when using the 1000 Gauss Coil or the Combo Probe but we’ll get to that later.

We have an optional switch/combiner that allows two applicators to be connected to your Curatron 2000 XPSE or Curatron 2000 PC. I chose to call it our Lossless Switch. The box simply has one cable that one plugs into their control unit and it has two sockets, into which, you can plug any two applicators such as the full mattress, the therapy pad or even one of the two high energy coils. The cool thing is that when two applicators are plugged in and the switch is set to ‘A & B’ then both applicators run at full intensity.

The switch box has two switches, one that switches between ‘A & B’ and ‘A or B’. If one selects ‘A & B’ then it’s in combiner mode and the applicators are connected in such a way that both applicators run at full intensity.

When the top switch is is the ‘A or B’ position then the second switch is now activated and you can select that the output from the control box is routed to the applicator plugged into the ‘A’ or ‘B’ socket on the box.


Bear in mind that PEMF Dual Applicator Use is not a necessity but it can be very useful at times.   Chris Cane

There are several advantages to this setup.

  • Allow selection of either applicator connected to the switch without changing cables.
  • Allow two applicators to run at the same time.
  • Husband and wife or two patients on two mattresses

Got Neuropathy in your lower legs?

An extremely high percentage of our users with neuropathy report tremendous relief and we have a few customers who have purchased the switch, a 150 Gauss full mattress and a 400 Gauss therapy pad. They place the therapy pad at 90 degrees to the mattress under their lower legs and feet while lying on the mattress. This permits full body treatment with increased power at the feet and lower limbs to stimulate oxygenation and blood flow.

Poor man’s high-intensity full body treatment.

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You can place two of our 400 Gauss 20″ x 28″ Therapy Pads end to end and you have a pair of pads over roughly 60″ (five feet) providing 400 Gauss over most and sometimes all of your body.

Lover’s Setup

With two full mattresses placed side to side and plugged into the switch box then two people can receive treatment simultaneously. In some homes, this is a great way for a couple to relax and chat while treating themselves to a full body treatment with their Curatron 2000 system.


As always, there’s a caveat or two. The XPSE and PC models can support two standard applicators such as the mattress, pad or Coil ‘A’, however, if two applicators are being used and the ‘A & B’ mode then ONLY ONE CAN BE THE COIL B or the COMBO PROBE as combining two of these will in all likelihood, overload the output generator. You can use two 700 Gauss Coil ‘A’ at the same time but not two 1000 Gauss Coil ‘B’ pillows. For the XP, only two regular applicators can be used, such as two mattresses or perhaps two pads.

It is the forward thinking of Ben Philipson, the developer of the Curatron and my mentor that has added this sort of functionality to the Curatron systems. For a listing of our standard True PEMF or Real PEMF systems I recommend you visit the family page at our main website. See

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