PEMF School – Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate

Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate

Let’s understand it together.

Long before I created PEMF School there were X-Files

Back in the nineties, I was a fan of the X-Files. One episode was called ‘Teliko” and its tagline was ‘Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate’, my wordsmith brain never let me forget those words and occasionally, things that I read trigger the memory.

Sometimes when I look at websites and publications I wonder if the writer is actually trying to mislead the site visitor or perhaps the marketing guy who wrote the copy doesn’t have a technical background and simply writes stuff to make you want his product.

The things that always set off alarm bells with me are the statements about intensity. Intensity is measured in Gauss or Tesla. The name Tesla is slowly taking over as the more popular name for magnetic flux intensity. In simple terms 1 Tesla is equal to 10,000 Gauss so when we say that one of our coils delivers 1,000 Gauss, that’s equal to 0.1 Tesla and many of us use “microTesla”. Micro, being one millionth of a Tesla. So in this case 1,000 G = 100,000 µT ‘µ’ is character ‘mu’ which is used to represent ‘micro’.

Feeling confused yet? I know I am

Before we continue. Let’s review what the various symbols or letters that engineers and scientists use to define values.

  • m – milli which translates to thousandths. There are 1000 mT in one Tesla.
  • µ – Greek letter ‘mu’ which is defined as ‘micro’ or one millionth There are 1,000,000 µT in 1 T.
  • n – nano or one billionth. There are one billion nT in 1 T.
  • p – pico or one trillionth. One pG is 1,000,000 times smaller than One µG
  • M – This denotes one million. Do not confuse ‘m’ and ‘M’ as they are very different. 

I am pointing these facts out to help you focus on the numbers and question that the numbers are accurate. 1000 mG is equal to one Gauss. You will find many errors on many PEMF websites where the writer is trying to mislead you or perhaps s/he simply does not understand what is being written.

 OK, let’s create a table and that can help or for some, further confuse.

It's important to compare the magnetic flux intensity of PEMF systems that you are considering. 10,000 microTesla is only 10% of 1000 Gauss.

Don't be fooled!

Did you notice that most other PEMF websites do not discuss intensity and those that do discuss intensity spend endless time trying to justify low intensity?

While I have your attention, let me say that those that think low intensity systems are as effective as higher intensity systems are misinformed. As intensity increases two things happen.

We can equate low intensity to a whisper and high intensity to a shout. In a quiet room, whispers can be heard, however, our bodies are not quiet places. We are an electrical being and there are lots of signals passing from one place to another. For serious issues where pain and inflammation are involved, our cells need a shout to be affected. Perhaps whispers can help a healthy body but when real help is needed, a high intensity shout is required.

Research evidence continually and consistently shows that the intensity of a therapeutic magnetic field is important, perhaps more so than any other component.

Depth of Penetration

It’s true that magnetic flux passes through our body. The water in our cells does impact the field intensity but more importantly, the magnetic field decreases significantly with distance, regardless of the medium it’s passing through. In simple terms, if you DOUBLE the distance then you QUARTER the intensity. The graph below demonstrates this principle. 

So if you were to start at less than 10 Gauss like most of our competitors do, then at 2 inches away you would receive 2.5 Gauss and at 4″ inches, you are at 0.4 Gauss.

This loss in intensity is unavoidable as the laws of physics rule the day.  Many of our competitors start with intensities well below five gauss and the intensity of the magnetic field generated in those systems at let’s say eight inches is insignificant.

Inverse Square Law

I think we need to brag a little here with a quick comparison of the Curatron Family and our competition. We have several models and many applicators so let me first look at those options. The other ‘wellness’ systems like the IMRS, BEMER and QRS barely show in the intensity list below. For a complete liting of the Cuartron 2000 systems please visit our main site (See www.curatron.com/curatron-family-of-products/)

Butterfly Coil on 3D (1600 Gauss)
1600 Gauss
Curatron 2000 XPSE and PC (Very High Intensity Coil)
1000 Gauss
Curatron 2000 3D Full Mattress
500 Gauss
Curatron 2000 XPSE and PC wih Therapy Pad
400 Gauss
Curatron 2000 HT Therapy Pad
200 Gauss
Curatron 2000 XPSE and PC - Full Mattress
150 Gauss
Curatron 2000 HT Mattress
70 Gauss
IMRS/BEMER/QRS (These systems deliver less than 10 Gauss)
70 Gauss
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4 thoughts on “PEMF School – Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate”

  1. Hi I have a Curaton 2000, I have using it daily for the last 6 months, I have felt some benefit but not as much as I would have hoped, I am generally in good health careful with my diet etc, but I still have muscle pain and weakness, can you suggest a protocol of setting for me to try.
    best regards

  2. Bill,
    Which model do you own? I do suggest that you contact the company from whom you purchased your system.

  3. Bill, your comment so resonates, it is such a huge financial commitment isn’t it, with no guarantee that more expensive will deliver what we hope it will. My young daughter has spine issues following a fall 3-4 years ago; she’s mobile but far from being pain-free and also tired & understandably depressed about her situation, she can’t get a job as she can’t sit/stand for any length of time. PEMF (200 Gauss – portable in theory but uncomfortable) helps her a little but she really needs to be able to sleep on a mattress overnight which treats her & frees her up during the day.

    There is so much conflicting ‘noise’ out there and it feels like buying a car to be honest, and with no truly independent, objective, genuine road testing advice available. For us, I’d have to remortgage my home to buy a Curatron system, and yet, if I do so and it doesn’t work, I’d have no finances available to me to pay for an operation for her. Best wishes to you in your quest for good health.

  4. I realize that a Curatron is a large financial investment. Our success rate overall with this system has been amazing to me. I have been supporting and selling these systems for nearly two decades and the return rate has been basically zero. I understand that we can’t help everybody with everything. The Curatron is not a panacea and those that claim that it will cure all ills are probably charlatans or very badly informed.

    We are a USA based distributor and we do ship all over the world. I would recommend that specific details etc. be discussed by private email rather than here in the public forum.

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