Confusing, confusing, confusing. Permanent Magnets do not generate Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields and the sites that say this out there are just wrong, either because the site creator does not have clue about technology or more probably is trying to mislead his audience.

There has been a growing trend of late among some sompanies to use very aggressive marketing techniques which sometimes offer false and misleading information. This is clearly done to get you to buy their systems which for the most part offer no MEASURABLE benefit but to the person who is expecting relief, the placebo effect can be very great.

At this blog, I will do my best to help you uncover what you need to uncover to make the optimal choice for your PEMF system. Like all sales folks, I do have a bias towards the Curatron system, after all, I’ve been selling it for over nine years and I only have one customer return! Yes only one customer return. I know that none of our competitors can make that statement!

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