I had heard the term “Speed of Induction” many times over the years and I was having a challenge trying to explain it to myself and others, so I decided to ask Ben Philipson, the creator, designer and my guru for the Curatron 2000 products.

When I asked Ben, he explained it as follows:

“The speed of induction of pulsed electromagnetic fields into the body is one of the factors important for successful penetration of the energy deep into the cells and bones.”

The Curatron Difference
The faster the pulses are induced into the body, the deeper the penetration, and the better the results.

When we have electromagnetic energy available and we induce it too slowly into the body, the changes the magnetic energy is able to trigger are minimal. The best example I can think of is MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines in hospitals, used to make computer generated images of organs inside the body.

Inside these machines are electromagnetic coils -similar to coils of PEMF systems- and these coils are pulsed with very high speeds to obtain a very fast speed of induction (this is called “slew rate” for MRI machines), which are directly responsible for the quality of the obtained computer generated images. As general rule: the higher the “slew rate” is, the better the image quality will be.

If you happen to know people who had an MRI exam and you ask them how it was, they will tell you that a constant very loud rhythmic noise was heard during the examination. This noise occurs when large electrical currents are pulsed into the coils inside the machine, causing them to move in the same rhythm as the electromagnetic pulses, and resulting in the loud noise.

The same is true for the fast pulsing of the magnetic energy transferred into the body, which I call induction of energy. The faster the pulses are induced into the body, the deeper the penetration is, and the better the results.

The electronic time ‘window’ in all of the Curatron models, during which the electromagnetic energy is transferred into the body, is controlled by a very fast electronic switch. In addition, the quantity of readily available electromagnetic energy for the professional models, combined with even faster speed of induction compared to the home units, makes these devices absolutely unchallenged in the market.”

Speed Of Induction is Greater than 50 Tesla/Second

The pulse is a sine wave – the most effective PEMF pulse form – modified in a way to obtain the fastest speed of induction possible. This results in absolute cell and bone penetration of the electromagnetic energy to obtain the very best results possible for PEMF therapy.

For the scientists in you:

In this picture the measurements are standardized at 0.7 x maximum magnitude and in blue you see a value of 210 Gauss = 21 milli Tesla. At this maximum the time base measured in green is 400 micro seconds. These values result in a speed of induction of more than 50 Tesla per second, which is outstanding and guarantees absolute penetration for the best possible therapy results.




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