There is no sound scientific proof that static magnetic fields provide any health benefit whatsoever. We live in a static magnetic field with one end of the earth being the “North Pole” and the other the “South Pole”. Permanent magnets do not generate changing magnetic fields and therefore do not cause the atoms of our bodies to react as they do in PEMFT.

Some websites selling permanent magnets quote scientific articles of scientists and researchers that did their work with PEMF.

Quote from Dr. Laycock’s article “Static Magnetism versus Pulsed Magnetic Therapy in Medical and Veterinary Use


“Manufacturers that claim to have static magnets which can mimic the motion of pulsating magnetic fields are, therefore, making untrue statements since the magnetic fields, however shaped by positions of other static magnets, will never have a dynamic component. If they could achieve such dynamism from a static source then the world’s energy and pollution problems would be solved.”

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