Plantar Fasciitis can be relieved with PEMF.

         One of my most painful experiences and I Fixed it with my Curatron!

Plantar Fasciitis is a REAL PAIN

This tale is a little old in that I contracted Plantar Fasciitis one day (back in 2009) and learned how important my feet are when I’m trying to walk. Up and down stairs were no problem because I could sit on my butt and transfer myself to the next step one at a time. It was a little slow and bumpy but it works. On the other hand, or perhaps the other foot, walking was virtually impossible.

I did manage to get to a chiropodist, foot doctor or podiatrist, whatever the proper name should be. I received a cortisone injection and a suggestion that I roll my foot on a frozen drink bottle. The frozen drink thing actually helped but its effects were short-lived.

I am a bit scatterbrained once in a while, because finally, I remembered that I was selling the Curatron PEMF systems at

Read about Plantar Fasciitis at Wikipedia

I did happen to own a Curatron 2000 XP and High Energy Coil “A” This combination would provide a 450 Gauss level of magnetic flux density. The results were amazing, within two to three days, I was walking well and within two weeks my foot was essentially normal again. This experience was over ten years ago and I have never had a recurrence. I doubt if everyone would have the same experience. We have sold systems to folks with Plantar Fasciitis over the years and they all had a similar experience to the one I had.

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Did I mention that I have not had a recurrence?

Remember we are all different and results can vary from person to person.

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