Reflecting On Many Years of Selling Curatron Systems

Originally Published April 18th 2009.

Can you believe that we’ve been selling the Curatron for almost a decade with only one customer return? An amazing record. Read on…

Way back in early 2000, I received an email out of the blue from Ben Philipson in Israel at Curatronic. The email was introducing the Curatron 2000 Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy machine. My technical background caused me to more than skeptical.

Ben Philipson
Ben Philipson

I’m not sure if I answered the first email or not but soon after came another email and a phone call from this very persistent character who believed in his product and after a couple of calls and some prudent research I decided that perhaps that PEMF was not snake oil and perhaps it would help some people.

Ben convinced me to try selling the Curatron 2000 and an early version of the website was born. Our first sale was to the father of an Olympic Silver Medalist working out in Colorado on July 09, 2000. The next was a month later to a gentleman in Arizona.

I didn’t know it then but Ben’s company was actually younger than Amjo. Amjo had opened its doors in May of 1998, roughly 18 months before the formation of Curatronic in Israel.

Ben and I over the years have become fast friends that trust each other implicitly. Ben, without a doubt is my best friend or perhaps Amjo’s best friend.

One very surprising statistic is that we have had had only one customer return in all the years we’ve been selling the Curatron. That fact alone speaks volumes about the quality of the product and the gains our clients receive from using the device.

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