Where are they?

One can find Curatron systems throughout the world. Here’s a partial list.

Albania Fiji Macau Saudi Arabia
Andorra Finland Malaysia Scotland
Angola France Malta Seychelles
Antigua Germany Mauritius Sierra Leone
Argentina Ghana Mexico Singapore
Australia Greece Namibia Slovenia
Austria Guyana Netherlands South Africa
Bahamas Hong Kong New Zealand Spain
Bangladesh India Nigeria Sweden
Barbados Indonesia Norway Switzerland
Belgium Iran Pakistan Taiwan
Bolivia Ireland Philippines Thailand
Botswana Israel Poland Turkey
Brazil Italy Portugal Ukraine
Canada Jamaica Puerto Rico United Arab Emirates
China Japan Quatar United Kingdom
Denmark Jordan Romania United States
Egypt Kenya Russia Venezuela
Estonia Korea Saint Martin Vietnam

4 thoughts on “Where are they?”

  1. I am interested in finding someone that has a curaton for rent or use in brisbane australia.
    or any one that would sell or rent or have to item in a clinic in brisbane.

  2. I’m really not sure how to go about that. We’ve certainly sold s bunch of Curatron systems all over Australia. Most if not all of the one’s we have sold have been to individuals and not clinics or other practitioners. There have been some but we have not cataloged them that way. We sell to clinics and individuals. I do suggest a visit to http://www.curatron.com or send me an email at chris@amjo.net

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