The Curatron 2000 3D is something like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you look at the rear panel the only clue that you see other than the part number is the pair of output connections, one over the other. The connections allow you to drive two applicators of any kind but the primary use for the pair is for two individual full-size mattresses each of which can be used for perhaps a husband an wife or in a clinical application for two patients.

The Curatron 2000 3D will also run a single mattress at  500 Gauss for a single user. No other system on the planet comes close. I said, “No other system on the planet comes close.”

This remarkable technology is the brainchild of Ben Philipson who is Curatronic’s chief developer and owner. Ben and I have known each other for well over ten years and we are guilty of sharing a few bourbons once in a while.

Amazingly the pulsed electromagnetic field created with the 3D unit completely envelopes and penetrates the whole body in all 3 axes (length, width, and height). Although this system has been designed for clinical applications where instant results are crucial to both therapist and patient. We have had many individuals who have purchased one for home use.

Field Distribution: One of the truly unique features of the 3D with one or two full mattresses is the magnetic field is uniform over the entire treatment. Another feature unequaled in other systems. Hence the term 3D.

The 3-D mattress generates 50 milliTesla (500 Gauss) simultaneously over the complete mattress. This guarantees the highest possible absolute penetration through all tissue, cells and bones deep inside the body because this strong PEMF field is still very powerful 20 inches (50 cm) above the complete mattress area and even beyond!

In development at this time is a unique very high output coil that generates 1,600 Gauss (160 mT) into a small area such as a knee or hip. The new coil uses a butterfly coil design (two coils in one) to maximize energy at the center of the pair of coils. These are available in limited quantities by special order at this time.

The Curatron butterfly coil is of open-air design placed inside a small pad and can be used for extensive periods of time without very substantial temperature increase. Because of the longer average time, it can be applied, it is excellent for pain relief.





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