Living in Ohio, near Cincinnati, I’m only 20 miles or so from Kentucky, the home of Bourbon Whiskey and I know that the best Bourbons are not made by the largest distilleries. I also know from experience that the best PEMF systems are not made by the largest manufacturers. In fact, many, perhaps all of the lowest power systems are made by the largest companies. Low power systems provide the slowest “Rate of Rise” or “Speed of Induction” and as you might expect the least depth of penetration.

Low-intensity systems simply do not excite the body’s capillaries, nerves and cells in any adequate way. For serious issues, they are for all intents and purposes, very ineffective. When you talk to those companies, or should I say their MLM reps, they will tell you high power is dangerous and unnecessary. I guess those, whose engineering teams are incapable of building high power systems feel the need to mislead their customers.

Systems like the Bemer, IMRS or QRS provide peak intensities of 10 Gauss (1000 μT) (micro Tesla) . The Curatron 2000 family starts out at 70 Gauss (7,000 μT) and goes to 1,600 Gauss or 160,000  μT.

The Curatron FLASH which is our Ringer or Impulse System (The FLASH) has peak intensities up to 7,000 Gauss or 700,000  μT. Some of the other ringer system makers talk about intensities perhaps as high as 40,000 Gauss (See for a discussion about recommended power for ringer, impulse systems.


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