Many years ago I came home late from work and my wife had put a note on the fridge. It read “Welcome Home – Your dinner is in the dog!” It seems that I’ve always known of a woman’s soft spot for the family dog.

Everyone loves a Collie

Amber Dawn (one lucky Collie)

Sometimes you need to replace your old Curatron! Yesterday I received a phone call from a woman who purchased her C2000HT back in June of 2007. Her dog Amber Dawn, has been sharing her Curatron 2000HT (Home Therapy) machine for some time now and it’s time to buy a new machine for herself. Her Collie suffers from back pain and she decided to let the dog give the Curatron 2000 a try and the dog’s mobility improved.

Our customer saw this as a chance to upgrade and purchase the higher power Curatron 2000 XPSE (with full mattress) for herself and leave the C2000-HT set up for her dog permanently. She suffers from osteoporosis and sees the need for the higher power C2000XP. In the full mattress, the C2000XP generates roughly 50% more magnetic induction than the HT machine. As a dog lover myself, I have complete sympathy for a fellow dog lover. I have had a dog by my side for nearly sixty years and at this moment, we have a three Pugs named Bugsy, Mini and Cooper and an English Bulldog named Diesel.

Animals cannot experience a placebo effect, the dog’s change in mobility is a physical reaction to the effects of the Curatron. The dog had not been sold by the marketing hype associated with PEMF technology. We’ve known this for years as we do offer the Curatron products at our website and the maker in Israel has a specific website for our animal friends. Make sure you give us a call 513-885-0440 if you need a Curavet Product.

This is not the first time we’ve had folks order a second Curatron but it is the first time that I know of that their original machine was passed on to the family dog.

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