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PEMF School – Vive la différence (Impulse vs Real PEMF)

PEMF-School – What is it? Different companies and individuals have come up with different names for the two technologies. The names and their uses can be somewhat blurry and are often misused by some people in this field. You will see words like hummer, oscillator, ringer, impulse, spark gap, and a few others. I will try and explain the differences.

PEMF School – Got Square Wave Gated Sine Wave? We do!

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Let’s talk about the importance of the wave form used by the Curatron 2000 family of real pemf systems! The square wave gated sine wave is what sets the Curatron 2000 apart from all the others. The Curatron waveform is unique and very difficult to create. Other systems use simple waveforms such as a simple square wave, …

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PEMF School – Curatron Dual Applicator Use


PEMF Dual Applicator Use. Most PEMF systems only allow the use of a single applicator, whether it be a pad, mattress or a probe. One of the advantages of the Curaron 2000 XP, XPSE and PC models is that we can run two applicators AT FULL INTENSITY simultaneously. Yes! Two is better than one! For the XP, …

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PEMF School Buckets and Capacitors


Intensity is Inversely Proportional to Frequency. Ringer Technology, Impulse Technology? Hummer, Oscillator, FLASH? One of the challenges, when selling and supporting the Curatron systems, we must help people whose background is not in electronics, engineering or physics understand PEMF and the differences between REAL PEMF and Impulse or Ringer PEMF. People confuse frequency with intensity …

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PEMF School – Frequency adaptation! We avoid it!

pemf school frequency adaptation

Frequency Adaptation Frequency Adaptation is a problem with many PEMF systems. The Curatron 2000 family avoids this problem. So perhaps you’re wondering what frequency adaptation is? Simply put, our cells adapt to a particular frequency and then begin to de-sensitize themselves to that frequency and tune it out. Our ears do much the same thing. If …

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