The vast majority of our customers are seeking pain relief caused by rheumatism, arthritis and a plethora of other challenges. The Curatron 2000 excels in its ability to relieve pain. One of the things I always find interesting is the Curatron’s ability to help people’s pets. It’s not unusual to here that someone’s dog or perhaps horse has benefited from a Curatron system. The skeptics out there cannot say that a horse or dog has been healed or helped because of the placebo effect.

One of the testimonials on our website reads “I am 69 years old and have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have used my Curatron every day for osteoporosis for 6 months. I was having continual pain in my neck and shoulders before I got the Curatron and lost 1 and a half inches in height in my upper spine and had developed a dowager’s hump over the last three years. After about 5 weeks of use, the pain in my upper neck is gone, my neck and shoulders are stronger and I have not had any further curvature of the upper back and neck due to osteoporosis since I began the use of the Curatron. I also use the Curatron for pain if I have an arthritis flare. I went nearly 5 months relatively pain-free which is unusual for me. Due to stress, I had an episode with my left hip this week but I have been able to continue going about my daily activities with muscle relaxants and mild pain medication. During the previous hip episode before I started using the Curatron, I was unable to walk for 4 or 5 days, even with the medication and required 6 weeks of physical therapy where I first had EMP therapy. From my personal experience, I would recommend the Curatron to anyone with pain from any type of arthritis”

It’s always gratifying to hear from people who have had relief when using the Curatron.


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