PEMF systems enhance circulation

Would you believe that only cats have fur?
Would you believe that only blue cars can go fast?

Would you believe that only BEMER can help with microcirculation?

Written by a Bemer Marketing Guy!

MLM and Bemer MarketingBemer have been making a fuss recently with their advertising involving Microcirculation and their “patented” system. One of the problems with MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) companies is that their representatives simply pass on what they hear from others within the MLM organization as the truth without ever questioning what they hear. They become the unwitting bearers of fake news.

Assuming adequate intensity and coverage area, virtually all PEMF systems improve circulation. High Intensity brings forth better penetration, The Bemer’s intensity is ~50 µT (microTesla) which is pitifully low at less than a Gauss, which is comparable to the earth’s magnetic field.  By comparison, our Curatron systems start at full body intensities of 5 Gauss or 500 µT up to 500 Gauss or 50,000 µT.

Confused about intensity? Please see my post entitled “Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate”.

Don’t be fooled by Bemer’s advertising and claims about microcirculation. 

Are BEMER’s claims about

Last month the  11th WORLD CONGRESS FOR MICROCIRCULATION was held in Vancouver, BC.

  • Did Bemer exhibit at the conference?
  • Were any of the PEMF vendors there?
  • Were any papers presented about BEMER and Microcirculation?
  • Did any of the Poster Presentations mention PEMF OR BEMER?

The answer to all four of the questions above is NO!

It really is unfortunate that people seem to love fake news today. Many of us are guilty of believing what we want to believe to the exclusion of information that we should believe. BEMER is not the only company whose product helps with microcirculation.

100 µT = 1 Gauss. Assuming adequate intensity, all PEMF systems can help, some better than others. Bemer’s intensity is so low (50µT or 0.5 Gauss) that I really believe their system lacks adequate intensity.

The CURATRON’s higher intensity helps with microcirculation. It only stands to reason that with higher intensity comes deeper penetration. Earlier this year we did receive the following testimonial from a chiropractor in Pittsburgh PA.

Chris, I love my curatron, every patient that we treat with diabetic neuropathy sees a resolution of their neuropathy without exception.

Diabetic Neuropathy can be caused by poor microcirculation and is treated in a variety of ways. I cannot guarantee similar results for others but I can say that we do hear about success in treating peripheral neuropathy from many customers.

In addition to microcirculation. Your Curatron can help with…


  • Pain Relief
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Osteoporosis Prevention
  • Fracture Healing
  • Varicose Veins


  • Anti-Stress
  • Fitness & Performance
  • Anti Aging
  • Sleep Improvement
  • Faster recovery after injury
  • Metabolic Stimulation

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