Sine waves are the basis of life.
Sine waves are everywhere.

Ocean Clip Art Sine Wave

It may sound complicated but it’s only really complicated for the circuit or system designer.  Understanding how and why it works does need some explanation however if you will bear with me, we’ll figure it out together. The Curatron uses sine waves as the basis for making our atoms, molecules, and cells react to PEMF. This is done because the sine wave is the least disruptive waveform and is the most natural waveform on our planet or even the universe.

Sine Waves and Square Waves

Waves in the ocean and musical tones are sine waves. Simply put, our cells prefer a sine wave as they cause a natural motion. Triangle waves and sawtooth waves can perhaps be described as raspy. If you listen to a pure sinusoidal tone it is kind to the ear and other waveforms such as triangular and sawtooth are very challenging to listen to as they can generate unpredictable harmonics and to our ears sound more like noise.


For more information on rectifying sine waves, please visit HERE

Curatron systems use the best possible building blocks during each individual pulse, remember this is not the pulsing frequency, but the frequency of the pulse. Most researchers and gurus agree that a sinusoidal waveform is optimal. Above on left side of this picture we see a basic sine wave signal form. In order to utilize the signal to the full extent, the signal is rectified and the negative part of the signal is flipped to obtain this rectified sine wave.

These positive going sine waves are packaged during each individual pulse. The Curatron packs specific quantities of these rectified sine wave signals inside each pulse. We have simplified the explanation to make our presentation more understandable.


So first in your mind’s eye think of a continuous rectified sine wave passing through a gate, in a picket fence. Then all we need to do is open and close the gate quickly at the appropriate time and we can control the amount of energy passing through the gate. We electronically open and close the gate with a square wave at the perfect moment. As the sine wave is near or past its peak, we open the gate so as to provide the maximum “slew rate”, “rate of rise” or “speed of induction”. This is done to make our cells react quickly and decisively for optimal effect.

Some makers make the claim that their unique waveforms are more effective than the sine wave. Let’s remember that the sine wave is the basis of many things in our world and PEMF is no exception.

Take for example that one of the makers creates a signal, which is a simple series of sine wave signals, at least they use the sinusoidal waveform but they increase the frequency during the pulse and it is applied in a triangle pulse form. This guarantees the suppression of the most effective lower frequencies, while at the same time letting only the higher frequencies through, which are known to be the least effective! Then they make it even worse as they have a fixed pulsing frequency of 30 Hz. The Curatron 2000 Family of products change frequency every five minutes to keep our cells awake and reacting to change. Fixed frequency systems allow our cells to get lazy and after a little while, the cells ignore the single frequency signal.

Please note that this discussion applies to the REAL PEMF (Curatron 2000 Family) products. The FLASH system ( is an Impulse system and uses an entirely different technology, where in this case individual spikes or impulses of energy are created and these spikes of energy have a differnt effect on the body. One can best describe the FLASH as a system that treats the symptoms of an underlying issue where the REAL PEMF Curatron 2000 Family treats the underlying issue.


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