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PEMF School – Penetration, Penetration, Penetration!

Penetration, Penetration, Penetration! You need to understand because It’s PEMF’s biggest enemy. In the commercial world one talks about Location, Location, Location, well in the world of PEMF it is Penetration, Penetration, Penetration. The good news is that low-frequency PEMF signals like that of the Curatron which operates below 50 Hz (CPS or Cycles Per Second) pass unimpeded …

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Therapy Time – Let’s dump the noise!

Frog Adapts - Frequency Adaptation

Adaptation is not a good thing in PEMF. Did you ever notice how quiet it gets during a power failure? All the hum-drum background noises of fans, fridges, tv’s and radios simply stop… Let’s face it we get used to repetitive noise! Read on…   Several brands of PEMF devices have fixed programs with fixed …

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PEMF School – Vive la différence (Impulse vs Real PEMF)

PEMF-School – What is it? Different companies and individuals have come up with different names for the two technologies. The names and their uses can be somewhat blurry and are often misused by some people in this field. You will see words like hummer, oscillator, ringer, impulse, spark gap, and a few others. I will try and explain the differences.

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