What’s the difference between “Permanent” or “Static” magnets and Pulsed Electromagnets?

Permanent magnets are those horseshoe or bar magnets that you may have seen in a physics class back in high school. They can be all shapes and sizes and they are magnets that have a North Pole and a South Pole and they don’t change. The poles are fixed like those of the earth. The earth’s magnetic field is useful for determining direction using a compass and experimenters have determined that many bird brains are sensitive to magnetic fields and use them unwittingly to help them migrate in the right direction or find their home as in the case of the Homing Pigeon.

Experiments have been done with humans as well. I recall reading about an experiment where people wearing blindfolds were taken by bus to a location away from their starting point. Some wore caps with high-intensity permanent magnets which would distort the earth’s magnetic field and others, in the control group, wore identical caps with a metal bar (placebo) inside.  I don’t recall the percentages, but the people with the placebo/metal bar did a better job of pointing to their starting point when they were taken off the bus and asked to point to where they thought their starting point was. The people with magnets in their caps did not do as well.

All this seems to point to the fact that we are sensitive to magnetic fields but it’s the CHANGING Magnetic Fields (PEMF) that our cells really react to. Yes a static magnet in all likelihood will cause our cells to orient themselves in a certain direction ONCE but since the field is not changing then nothing is going to change.

I talk to customers all the time that tell me that they wear magnets on their wrist or in a belt or necklace. These people have been persuaded to believe that the permanent magnet they are wearing is benefiting them. Every legitimate experiment where these magic bean magnets were replaced with non-magnets leads to the same conclusion. Permanent magnets do not heal or reduce pain, of course, they do make money for the people selling them. I’m sure this statement will inflame the believers and for that, I apologize.

The only person who benefits when you wear a static magnet is the person who sold it to you.

Let’s be clear, it is only changing magnetic fields that influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. Yes, you could spin a permanent magnet very quickly and that would induce electrical changes in our cells but such a system would be unwieldy and impractical. Magnetic fields are created when one passes an electrical current through a wire, and when we coil that wire into normally a donut shape we increase the concentration of the magnetic field created. Once the coil exists then we can pass a varying electrical current through the wire of the coil.

  • We can vary the frequency of the applied current (cycles per second or Hz)
  • We can vary the amount of current in the wire thereby adjusting the strength or intensity of the field.
  • We can vary timing and pulse shape or waveform.

With a permanent magnet, to obtain any electrical induction at all, permanent magnets have to be mechanically moved, and as mentioned above, this is impractical. Static magnetic fields do not cause any electrical induction unless they are moved. That’s how electrical generators work, spin a magnet inside a coil and electrical currents are generated in the coil.

It is pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. This results in improved blood supply, increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells and increased calcium transport which can stimulate the repair of cartilage.

In order to obtain a real therapeutic effect, the induced field strength has to be sufficient to penetrate deep inside the body. From what I have read, this condition can only be met if the electromagnetic flux generated by each individual coil must be in excess of 100 Gauss (10 milli-Tesla). This technology has undergone many scientific clinical trials worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field technology.


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